One Day at a Time

Now that I’m divorced, I am adjusting to a different life. I am not new to this as I have been a single working mom parts of my life. I am still trying to find out if it’s easier now that the kids have grown or when they were still little. I feel that it’s different but it’s just as hard. I think though, I have a better way of dealing with it now, knowing that I’ve been through this before and I don’t expect anymore surprises. It really helps that I’ve got a great support system, family, and friends. I don’t feel that I have to make a lot of adjustment on my new status. They have been there for me whether I am married or divorced, nothing changed, and I love them for that. I am sure my non-friends have opinions and are being judgy or critical, but I don’t have time to think or dwell on those negative things. This is my life and I have to go on living my life head on, and move forward. Part of my motivation are my kids, I have to be strong for them because they mirror my attitude. If I am positive, they will be too, and it makes our day to day living a ‘ lil bit easier. I don’t deny that I wish I was at a better place of being blissfully happily married, but life has a way of throwing you in a loop. You don’t always get what you plan or envision. And if other people have it easier, I am one of those lucky ones who are being thrown with a little bit more challenge. So I take it one day at a time, I can only handle them as such. I still have goals, but now I try to set simpler ones and just enjoy the little achievements or joy I see daily. That’s what life is, more of the everyday actions, which I have added a few more now...more of a journey than a destination.


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